Drug Treatment

Drug Abuse and Addiction


Drug abuse and addiction alters the brain chemistry and becomes a brain disease, forcing the addict to compulsively seek out a fix to keep the physical dependency at bay.  Self-control becomes limited and the addict can’t resist the urge to consume again and again.  Fortunately this is treatable.  

We are here to guide you through recovery from addiction to drugs whether they be street drugs or those prescribed by a doctor.  

The basis of our program at New Day Addiction Center is to treat the unique individual with customized programs put together after a comprehensive evaluation by our team that includes a licensed chemical dependency counselor, a therapist, a holistic practitioner, dietician and more.  Each person is different and a person addicted to heroin will require different treatment than one addicted to morphine.  

All treatments start with detoxification.  This is the process the body goes through to rid itself of the drugs.  This can be an intense process best done with medical supervision.  The point is to let the physiological healing start by removing the toxins.  

There is a physical, mental and spiritual component to addiction.


  • Drug addiction is a dangerous and potentially fatal disease
  • We believe there is no one size fits all treatment, indidivduzlied treatment gives a person a much better chance of overcoming the addiction
  • Medical detox/Withdrawal can be a difficult process which is why it is advised to be undertake with strict medical supervision
  • Underlying issues will then be addressed through various therapies
  • Counselling; individual and group, pyschotherapies, nutrition and other Holistic therapies are all part of the process at New Day Addiction Center

Behind almost every drug and alcohol addiction is a deeper story, a trigger that drives a person toward substance abuse. To truly recover from addiction, it’s critical to address underlying mental health issues so a person can break free from the cycle of using. No two cases are the same. The factors leading to addiction and mental health disorders vary based on the individual, and that’s why New Day Addiction Center creates customized treatment plans for every client.

When mental health disorders are present, they must be addressed along with addiction treatment. Otherwise, recovery becomes a band-aid. When a person becomes addicted to any type of drug, it can be a difficult road to recovery. Drug treatment is designed to help addicts stop compulsively seeking drugs and using them. At New Day Addiction Center our dedicated, experienced staff is committed to your long-term recovery. Dual diagnosis treatment is essential for successful drug rehab and addressing the underlying causes of addiction.

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